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Peyton Ann

Mama’s Note:

Anissa was an amazing doula for my daughter’s birth. She was available whenever I needed her and was able to answer all my first time mom questions. When it came to the day, she was a rock star. I had a tough delivery and she was invaluable. I would (and do) highly recommend her to any of my pregnant friends!

Midwife’s Note:

A small percentage of births have to take place in the hospital for pre-existing medical conditions. This mama worked her butt off for her baby, with Daddy and grandma by her side! Persistent breech baby had to get flipped twice to stay head down. Induction was attempted for three days before finally kicking into gear from 0-60. Seven hours of heavy Pitocin contractions later, mama opted for an epidural, but by morning baby’s heart rate told us she needed to come out another way. Welcome baby Peyton!

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