Fertility Awareness Classes

Many people have questions about their bodies, cycle, and hormonal balancing. I offer individual or group classes teaching the Fertility Awareness Method, also known as Natural Family Planning. FAM helps you understand your body and cycles whether you desire conception or not. This is normally a 1—2 hour visit where we discuss:

  • Fertility Awareness: Learning to track your cycle to know when you ovulate, how to avoid or achieve conception.
  • Increase the odds of conceiving a male or female child
  • Contraception options
  • Family planning education
  • Non-hormonal birth control options
  • Pre-conception & fertility counseling as needed
  • Nutritional advice based on your health needs
  • Herbs and supplements for regulating the menstrual cycle, mood improvement, discontinuation of hormonal birth control, and other health concerns you may have.
  • Discussion of other health issues and natural management if applicable

How To Book

The fee is $60—100 for a private or small class <10 people.

It’s fun to learn about your cycle on your own, with your partner, or with a group of friends.

I am happy to come teach at your event, school, or other gathering!

Contact me to book a class!