Pre-Conception Consultation

Are you thinking about getting pregnant and want to give yourself and your baby the best start? I offer pre-conception counseling for anyone trying to conceive. This is normally a one hour visit where we discuss:

  • Discussion of health history and natural management of issues if applicable
  • Lifestyle choices such as diet and exercise for both parents
  • Supplementation for increased fertility for both parents
  • Fertility Awareness: Learning to track your cycle to know when you ovulate, optimize chance of conception, and increase the odds of conceiving a male or female child. You can also use this method to avoid conception.
  • Preliminary Fertility Testing In cases of infertility, to determine if a referral for further fertility testing or assisted reproductive technology (ART) might be indicated
  • The fee is $100. If you conceive and then choose me as your midwifery provider, I will apply this amount towards your balance!

The most critical period of fetal organ development takes place in the first 4-10 weeks of pregnancy.  Preconception care allows parents to maximize the health of themselves and their baby before this critical period begins!

At your Preconception Visit, we may also discuss:

  • Lab tests as needed
  • Awareness of your body’s fertility signals and how to work with them to achieve pregnancy, or a discussion of options to avoid pregnancy until you’re ready
  • LGBTQ family building options if applicable
  • Your social support network
  • Stress levels
  • Parenting Questions or Concerns
  • History of abuse or violence
  • Genetic background and carrier screening
  • Family planning education including trying-to-conceive or birth control options
  • Education and referrals for fertility treatments as needed

Get the best start possible for your next pregnancy!