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Declan Asher

When my husband and I first found out we we were pregnant, one of the first discussions we had was about prenatal and postpartum care. Did I want to go to the hospital or find a midwife? What was I looking for in a care provider? What fears did I have about giving birth and how could we address those fears and make it a peaceful experience?

And it was as if the stars aligned and God pointed to Anissa. From the first consultation to the last, she has been nothing but joyful, invested, peaceful, reassuring, and professional. My pregnancy was a breeze, knowing that any worry or question that my husband or I had wouldn’t be shot down as insignificant or ignored because she didn’t have time for it. She was only a text away, and we were never left to worry about the unfamiliar symptoms of pregnancy on our own. Anissa analyzed each one and gave us the peace an ordinary OBGYN never could. Her bedside manner is everything you could hope for and more!

When our son’s birth day came, Anissa was at-the-ready. We kept in touch through text messages until things progressed more, and we made the call that it was time. Even though she lived an hour or more away from us, she made great time and was here waiting on me hand and foot and reassuring my husband that things were going as they should. We had no fears.

Finally, her postpartum care is equal to her prenatal care. Top-rate to say the least! All I can say is I don’t think anyone will find a more dedicated, passionate, well-rounded person to be their midwife. Thank you, Anissa, for everything. We all love you immensely!

– Kaela, Tim, & Declan

7lb 1oz cutie born to first time parents in the tub at home after lots of warm up labor and a smooth ease into the real deal! Mom and Dad handled the whole process with amazing grace. Welcome baby!


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