What Does Home Birth Look Like?

Photos and Videos shared graciously by Clients I have attended in birth.

HBAC Water Birth of Identical (Mo-Di) Twin Boys

The Birth of Nolan Sebastian (VBA2C Birth Story & Photo Gallery)

Sophia Natzumi’s Birth Video

Video caught of amazing home water birth this week! Water broke and mom caught her own baby. The whole family was there to support mom and greet the child. #homebirth #waterbirth #partoencasa #nacimientoencasa #dallasmidwife #partera #midwife #momscatchingbabies

Posted by Metroplex Midwifery on Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Atlantis Isabella’s Birth Gallery

Victoria Ivy’s Birth Gallery

Journei Trinity’s Birth Gallery

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Lucille Gail’s Birth Video

Zane’s Birth Slideshow