Atlantis Isabella’s Birth Gallery

Mom & Dad kept in touch during the evening as labor built up… Later that night they called, ready for me and the birth team to come. Watching mom, I determined she was for sure in labor and called the rest of the team. The students arrived, and the other midwife. Mom labored with patience and power as her child got ready to be born.

Once labor became a lot more intense, we got the pool set up and moved into it. Mom rested for a bit in transition, then spontaneously began to push. With mom’s hard work, baby emerged peacefully into immediate skin-to-skin snuggles.

When mom was ready, the placenta was born as well. We helped everyone into bed to rest, check for and repair any tearing, and do the newborn exam. Everyone was happy, healthy, stable, and tired! Tucking a new family into bed after birth is always a joyful moment.